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Why Video Marketing Is the Future - And What You Need to Know About It Now 

While all forms of content have seen tremendous growth over the last few years, there’s only one winner. Video is the clear leader of the pack. From social media videos to brand videos to how-to videos, video marketing has become the most effective way for brands to engage with their audiences. 

Businesses across sectors, irrespective of their sizes, have understood that video marketing is the future. While they used to be the exclusive domain of large companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets, now even the smallest of businesses can use video marketing to amplify their communication. The numbers explain why marketers trust video.

Video Marketing Statistics

It’s clear that video is the format of the future. If you’re a small business owner or marketing head, here’s why you should be investing in video marketing. 

Videos Increase Conversion and Sales

Your website’s conversion rates can go up by almost 80 percent if the landing page has a video. In other words, videos can bring in customers. This is irrespective of the category you operate in. Whether you sell fashion directly to consumers or offer commercial real estate services to companies, videos can boost your conversion. 

Video marketing can also increase your sales. Studies have found that after watching an explainer video about a service or a product, almost 74 percent of people bought it. This should be reason enough for businesses to pursue video marketing. 

Videos Can Simplify Your Content

The ultimate objective of any marketing campaign is to influence customers. For that to happen, customers should understand what you’re talking about. Videos are the perfect medium for that because they can make anything seem comprehensible. 


You can always share a brochure or a lengthy pdf with your customers. But there will be resistance because people know that it will take a lot of time to read those. Even if they do read it, the technicality of the subject might make them forget some of the key points. 


Videos are a different matter altogether. When someone clicks on a social media video, they know that it won’t take a lot of time. They can watch it while they wait for a meeting to begin or their train to arrive. Videos also make it exceedingly easy to understand the subject. If the user has trouble comprehending, they can always pause and go back, which would only take a few seconds.  

Videos Can Humanize Your Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is certainly worth a thousand images. Videos move us because it affects several of our senses. It’s a moving and captivating medium that can humanize any brand. And that’s something consumers want.


People want brands to connect with them as human beings and not as consumers. They like it when brands emotionally engage with them. Videos can effortlessly do that because videos tell stories. The format allows brands to forge deeper connections in a short span. No wonder then, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

Videos Inspire Trust

People have become skeptical of marketing communication. Whether it’s brand videos or social media videos, the medium offers excellent opportunities to overcome that barrier and build trust with people. That’s why more and more content marketers are turning to video.


Since videos are informative, they also make messaging transparent. If you smartly use user-generated content or give behind-the-scenes access to your customers, they’re more likely to trust you as a brand. It could be the reason why about 57 percent of customers believe that videos make them confident enough to make online purchases.

Videos are Flexible

No matter what you want to communicate, videos will be able to do that. Want to create a video to launch a product and increase brand awareness? Or maybe your objective is to increase your social media engagement or show people how to use your product or service. Videos can easily deliver these.


It’s not just the different briefs that videos can answer. You can also create several kinds of videos with the right production agency. Your video marketing can include short films, animated videos, stop-motion videos, etc. You can also create interactive videos for greater engagement. This brings variety to your content, which is something your social media followers will like. 

Videos are Shareable

Let’s say you’ve shared an important and compelling document through your email newsletter or social media. Even among those who read it and find it valuable, how many would share it with their friends and colleagues? How many people would believe that people in their network would have the time to read those?


A video is different. If someone likes it, they can easily share it through a messaging platform. Rest assured, the recipient will also immediately see it, unlike an email newsletter. Importantly, if they like it, they too will share your videos with their network. That gives you exceptional reach without having to spend anything on marketing.


Once you start engaging your audience through video marketing with the help of an experienced production team, you’ll see its ROI. Whether it’s brand videos or social media videos, you’ll see how your audience reach and engagement can effortlessly increase by adding video to your content mix. 

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