The goal of most websites is ultimately to convince visitors to take a desired action, and having persuasive videos online is by far the best way to do that. Not only can videos attract new visitors to your website, but they can also help boost audience engagement and increase revenue. 


In this article, we will look at why you need to have videos on your website, we’ll go over a few of the different types of videos that you might want to consider posting, and we’ll explain how you can easily source and create these sorts of videos. 

How Do Videos Help Your Website?

People have short attention spans, and so no matter how informative and interesting your website is, it’s unlikely that people will be willing to read through tons of text in order to find the information they’re searching for. By having videos and other media on your website, you can take the work out of navigating your site. 


Studies have shown that people are much more likely to remain on a website if it contains videos, and they are also more likely to take action after watching a video. In other words, if you want your site to attract new business to your company, then you need to have some videos online. 


There are many different types of videos commonly used on websites, and each has a specific goal in mind. So, let’s briefly look at the most popular types of website videos so that you can understand how each one can be a valuable asset for you and your business.

The Different Types of Videos Used on Websites

Keep in mind that these are not the only types of videos used on websites; however, these are certainly the most popular types of videos used, and that’s for a good reason. Each of the following different types of videos has proven to be effective and can provide a number of positive results for businesses, including expanding your reach, promoting brand awareness, driving new traffic to the site, and boosting overall revenue. 

Introduction Videos

Introduction videos basically replace the “about us” sections that used to be common on most business websites. To be clear, it’s still a great idea to have an about us section for SEO purposes, but most people would rather watch a short video that explains who you are and what your business is about than read that information in text format. Videos simply do a better job of holding people’s attention, which is key if you want them to understand what your company can do for them. 

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used by all of the biggest and most successful companies to advertise their products, generate interest in their services, and promote brand awareness. These sorts of videos usually show the product a company wants to promote and explain a bit about what the product is and why people should buy it. 

The overall goal with most promotional videos is to visually demonstrate the product’s value proposition and get people excited about it. In other words, promotional videos are a tool used to drive sales and effectively increase revenue. Television commercials are almost always promotional videos, and these sorts of videos also work great on websites. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos sometimes called “video guides” or “how-to videos,” are used to teach people what your product or service is, how it works, and how to actually use the product once they’ve purchased it. These sorts of videos are much more helpful than lengthy instruction manuals and can even work as marketing tools. By demonstrating how your product or service works, you can help people see why they need the product and get them excited about buying. 


Plus, by teaching people how to use your product or service, you can increase retention, boost customer loyalty, and decrease the number of canceled subscriptions and returned products that all too often result from people being confused about how to use your product or service after they have already purchased it. 

Social Media Videos

“Social Media Videos” is really a blanket term used to describe any short video clip that has the potential to be shared. From Tik Tok videos to YouTube Shorts and everything in between, these videos are generally short and to the point, focusing on a single great feature of the product or service you’re offering. By including this type of video on your website, you can encourage people to share your video, which generates free organic marketing and can help boost brand awareness and drive sales. 

FAQ Videos

The most effective method for promoting your marketing videos is to run a paid ad campaign on a platform such as Google or Facebook (Meta). Although these platforms do charge a fee for promoting your videos, they almost always generate a positive return on investment (ROI). The trick with running ad campaigns is to know your target audience. By identifying the search terms that your desired demographic is interested in, you can tailor your ad campaigns specifically for them, increasing the likelihood of generating conversions from your video advertisement efforts.  

Where To Get Videos For Your Website?

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