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Ways To Bring Attention to Business With Video Ads - Ventus Films

From blog posts to direct mail, it can feel like you’ve exhausted all advertising techniques. It’s frustrating when your marketing efforts don’t drive the conversions you’d hoped to see. It’s even more frustrating to see other businesses rake in revenue off a silly TikTok video ad. But they’re onto something. Despite your efforts, there’s one advertisement medium you may have overlooked: video. 

No doubt, video marketing is the future of the digital marketing landscape. If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your own video content. Your customers want to see your brand videos before making a purchase. Consider these five ways that video marketing would funnel attention to your business. 

You’ll Appeal to Customers in Their Preferred Medium

Vibrant images and interesting copy may engage customers initially. Given increasingly limited attention spans, people are more likely to pay attention to video than text. Believe it or not, consumers actually prefer watching videos. 

The pandemic plays a role in this preference. After consumers spent a year at home, they became more accustomed to watching more videos. 

Consider the popularity and versatility of social media videos on TikTok as well. It’s a no-brainer that consumers want to continue to watch fun videos! Give your consumers the content they crave through an engaging video explaining your brand.

Drive Conversions and Brand Awareness with Video

Of course, a boring video won’t give you results. You need to have a good video strategy to get conversions. A highly effective strategy is using AIDA. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action. Grab your audience’s attention with great visuals. Generate interest by explaining the benefits of your business. Cultivate a desire for your brand. Finally, give a clear call to action for the best ROI on your video ad.


Customers trust brands that use clear, visual video messaging. They’re also much more likely to recall the ad days later when the video is engaging. User-generated videos are one way to help your business with brand awareness. User-generated videos show a customer using the product or discussing your service. People trust other consumers’ reviews and testimonials.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization Through Video

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website’s ranking on search engines. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your business’s visibility on search engines, look no further than video. Google uses rich thumbnail snippets of the video next to search results. Thumbnails preview the video and intrigue customers. 

Consistent clicks from search engine results will help your website’s overall ranking.

Another important SEO factor is the time users spend on your page. If you add a video to your landing page, users are twice as likely to spend more time on your webpage watching it. The longer visitors stay on the page and engage with your website, the better your website content is rated. You’ll want to ensure your ad copy complements the video, so it is situated in context. Otherwise, visitors may just scroll past the video.

Inform, Entertain, and Persuade Your Audience More Effectively Through Video

By now, we know that videos are an all-encompassing medium. Users engage more senses when watching a fun and interesting branded video. Creative ideas get people talking in person and on social media. Video ads allow you to let your creativity shine. Customers will take notice. Your video may be the next viral phenomenon! Consider your overall business strategy and find ways to expand upon it through entertaining explainer videos.


A healthcare company can use video to inform patients about the symptoms of diseases they help treat. An auto shop can create how-to videos for solving common minor car issues. Non-profits can create a short video persuading users that their mission warrants a policy change from Congress. Whatever your company’s objective, a video is an excellent medium to help you craft a memorable message.

Improve Your Brand’s Messaging

Taglines and slogans are great. But they don’t paint the entire picture of your business. Videos allow you to expand upon your company’s message. Don’t just tell your customers how great your company is through a slogan. Show them with a branded video. By using an engaging hook and powerful call to action, your video will resonate with customers.

Videos can pack in the essential information in a short period of time. In just a 6-second bumper ad, you can grab a customer’s attention, show them your logo, and give them an idea of your services. Of course, you can build on that message with corresponding 15 and 30-second ads that expand upon your messaging. Many people are visual learners, so forget a wall of text. Appeal to them in the medium that makes the most sense. 


It may feel like videos are all over the internet these days. It’s no coincidence. Video ads garner attention and engagement. Businesses can pack powerful messaging into short 30 second ads. Virality, conversions, and profit may also just be a few shares away.


At Ventus Films, we’ll work with you to conceptualize what video ads your business needs. Our team will write an engaging script, create the production, and help you analyze the results. We provide business growth on a budget. Contact Ventus Films to learn more.