Quality Videos made for your Small Business

One of the biggest challenges of any small business is standing out in the crowd. Many markets are more competitive than ever before and the traditional ways of getting your value proposition across are simply not going to cut it anymore. You need your story to be told in a way that is going to reach today’s consumer. The vehicle to make the greatest impact with your messaging is video marketing.

Ventus Films is a video production company based just outside of Denver. We serve small businesses throughout the region with the most cutting-edge approach to digital messaging. All video production companies are not created equal. At Ventus Films, we are confident in our commitment to help you do more than just reach your target market. Our team of professional videographers will help you make an impact with your potential customers, inspiring them to connect with you.

Don’t let another day go by where your competition gets noticed before you. Small businesses need an edge to dominate their regional market. Ventus is the Denver video production company you can trust to elevate your brand.

Why Choose a Professional Video Production COMPANY TO DRIVE YOUR MARKETING?

How would you like to be the business or professional someone thinks of when looking for something in your area of expertise? You can take an ad out in the paper, rent a billboard, and even come up with a memorable jingle for the radio, but unless you know how to time travel back 15 years ago, ROI will be limited. Today’s buyer responds to video. Why?

One reason that video content marketing is the single most effective method of advertising is that unlike other ways to reach customers, it captivates all 5 senses. Yes, you can see and hear video content. That’s obvious. But, the best in video production can take the viewer to an even higher level of experience.

Have you ever watched an ad for a restaurant and it’s as if you can taste and smell your favorite dish? That is quality video production. What about the times where you watch something and it stirs up feelings of inspiration, compassion, or other strong emotion? Chalk that up to a video production company that knows how to drive home a message.

Ventus Films is more than a Denver Video Production company. We are a creative agency that leverages today’s most sophisticated strategies to make this ever-growing digital world a platform for your brand to speak. It is our passion to offer quality video that small businesses can afford. We operate on a flat fee pricing model so you always know your investment upfront and can properly plan for future content creation.

What you say with your content in the next 5 years will dictate the direction of your business. Ventus Films is the video content company positioned to bring your brand to the forefront of the hearts and minds of your target market

The Ventus Films advantage

We are not like other video production companies in Denver and the surrounding areas. Ventus Films produces content that strengthens your
business for relevance today and for years to come.

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Impeccable Process

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Our Video Production Services

Our video production marketing services can be categorized into the following areas.

Brand Video Marketing Services

A brand video takes your message and presents it in a creative and cinematic way. Today’s consumer craves entertainment in small bites. Some brand videos hit the mark in just a few seconds to a half a minute. In other instances, 90 seconds or more is required to tell the story of your company’s mission. Rest assured, we can coordinate and execute the right brand marketing video for the situation.


Brand marketing videos separate you from the competition. They can be used on your website, in digital ads, or as part of other campaigns. The impact of a brand video can be effective even when you are not present. The right video production company can produce a brand video that can be the voice of your organization.


With cinematic excellence, perhaps to the backdrop of a thrilling musical soundtrack or an engaging voiceover, our Denver videographers and creative team will help visually direct your potential customers to action.

explainer video production

Explainer and How-To Video Production Services

Do you have a product, service, or concept that needs to be explained to the masses? Your company’s offering may be the latest and greatest, but it is not wise to assume that it will be adopted by all without some additional understanding. This is where the Ventus team can be a great asset to the future of your organization.


Explainer and/or How-To Videos are one of the most effective ways to educate the market on your value proposition. Effectively communicate how a customer’s life will be positively impacted, bring clarity to the viewer, compel them to move forward, or even how to properly care for what they have already purchased. These creations are most effective when executed in short, efficient video productions that are clearly scripted to the relevant topic.


The Ventus Films video production team is ready to help you clearly communicate and explain how to take advantage of all you have to offer. When a market is well versed and confident in why you’re the best, they’ll choose you over the competition time and time again.

Video Testimonial and Interview Services

What’s more effective than singing your own praises? It’s when others boast about you. Testimonials and success stories are quite possibly the most effective way to win new clients and prove to the world that you are at the top of your game. We see it every day. Reviews and ratings tip the scales in the direction of those who have 5 stars on search engines and online directories. But a testimonial video is arguably even more powerful because it allows the viewer to visualize the experience through the voice of those you’ve already helped.


The Ventus video production team will bring the best out of your interviewees, whether they are a happy business owner, customer, or an employee. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-crafted testimonial video can be an epic addition to your marketing strategy. People move forward when they feel they know what to expect. What better way to hit new client acquisition goals than through clear communication of the customer experience?


Don’t settle for grainy, amateur, video accounts of your client success and certainly don’t rely solely on written reviews. Our professional video content specialists will bring your success stories to life!

social media video marketing


It is being reported that Americans averaged more than 1300 hours scrolling through social media. Yes, you read that correctly. The days of debating whether social media marketing are effective are gone. Now the only questions revolve around the most effective ways to position your business via the world’s most popular platforms.

Whether you have been promoting your business on social media for years or are just getting started, it would be a mistake not consider the impact of video. Almost every social platform is becoming extremely heavy in this form of media and for good reason. People respond to video! They comment, like, follow, and share, all the while creating an organic viral effect that makes you visible.

The social media video experts at Ventus Films can create videos best suited for all the major platforms. We know what it takes to stand above the competition on social media and draw attention that will lead to engagement and ultimately business growth.

You may have been in business for 50 years, drawing from referrals, but the company who makes an impact on social media is going to connect with today’s buyers. You don’t have to be the next social media guru. We can help. Our team can create digital content pieces that will represent your brand on the busiest places in this newly digital world.


Do you want to know more about whether Ventus Films would be a great fit for your growing business? We believe our work speaks for itself. Check out our work and you’ll see right away that we offer the opportunity to present your business with a standard of excellence.

The goal of our talented team is to play a key part in your success. That starts by getting to know you while you learn more about us. If you are looking to get more active on the web or perhaps ready to take your brand to a new level, we would be a great partner in that journey.

Book a no cost consultation. We will invest the time to hear about your goals and recommend a package that will transform your image from out of site to top of mind.