Frequently Asked Questions about Video Production


A typical interview will take between 45 to 60 minutes. 

After our first call, a team member will reach out to you and to collect any materials needed prior to the shoot. If the project is an interview-based video, we will send you a list of questions 3 days prior to filming so that you have time to prepare your answers. You will want to clean the area we are filming. If you have special requirements that need to be accommodated, please inform us a week before filming.

Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid a rescheduling fee of $$$. If we arrive at the scheduled time and you are not ready, there will be additional costs on top of the rescheduling fee.

You can choose anyone to be on camera, but most companies use key people from their organization including top executives, customer-facing employees, and even actual customers. This helps your customer connect with real people and creates a more natural connection rather than using actors.

Video Delivery

Our typical timeline for delivering your video is 2 to 3 weeks after filming. However, this is based on how involved the project is. If we anticipate your project taking longer, we will inform you immediately.

You will receive your video through an online program called WeTransfer within 2-3 weeks of the shoot day.

We do keep a backup copy of the videos, but we highly recommend purchasing an external hard drive. We will export all content we collect on to the hard drive for you.

Getting started

Yes, if it is a small or big project we will film it! Please call us with your project details and if we are not a good fit we can connect you with a studio that will fulfill your needs.

We typically book about 2 weeks in advance. This allows us time to connect with you and prepare for your specific project. Based on availability, we may be able to accommodate a shorter time frame, but there may be additional costs.

Project that runs past scheduled times by more than 30 minutes will incur additional costs with standard pricing.

Most of our shoots involve one- or two-man teams. More complex projects may require additional people on set. Additional costs will apply for more than 2 people.

We will travel up to 300 miles from the Denver area, weather permitting.

Yes, within reason. Our camera and equipment are pretty durable and we do have weather-proofing material. There are certain circumstances where we must move to safety (i.e., tornados, hurricanes, if the sky is falling etc.) but if other people are casually outside, we should be fine.

Equipment & Gear

Currently we use a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. We also pair this camera with specialty gear including stabilizers, laptops, drones and much more. If your project requires a specific brand of camera, or additional equipment, we may be able to accommodate with an additional cost.

Yes, all of our cameras capture video in 4K resolution!

Most of our content is captured in 24 frames per second. High-action content and sports are filmed at 60 frames per second.

Most of our gear is portable and will be charged when we arrive on set. We will need to plug in lights and have a charging station for our batteries and laptop to off load the footage we capture.

Payment & Billing

We only take payments through credit card and checks. For credit card we take: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Interact Debit cards.

We accept checks if you cannot pay by card. All payments should be mailed to our official mailing address listed on our contact page.

Yes, we offer a 3 to 6 month payment plan with a 3% apr. This applies to all packages.

Typically, no. But if you contact us with more ideas that is beyond that scope of the packages, add actors, add more revisions, or you would like to do a reshoot. There will be additional changes to the final invoice.

Yes, we take a 25% fee upfront of the package to hold your spot.

We will notify you when revisions or the project is beyond the original quote. But you
will only be charge if the project has changed and all parties are in agreement.