Use Business Videos in Facebook Advertising - Ventus Films

According to Facebook, the platform sees over 100 million hours of video views per day.

If you want your Facebook advertising to perform, a professionally produced business video should be top of your strategy list. 

The jury is in: consumers respond better to video content. Video ads have been shown to outperform other media formats like static image ads on social platforms such as Facebook. 

Not convinced? Consider this: Facebook video ads get up to 30% more views than static image ads. 

The engagement rate of Facebook video posts is higher than any other type of content on the platform, and it has been found that people spend 5 times longer looking at video than static content.

The conversion rate is also higher with video – your consumers are using video to get more information on brands and products than ever before. 

Business videos and video ads can be one of the most powerful tools you’ve got in your marketing kit. 

Before you rush out and post a video you took this morning on your phone, it’s important to note that not ALL video content will get you those views and clicks. You need a GREAT, scroll-stopping video that will engage your audience instantly. 

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Facebook Advertising Videos

1. Focus on the First Three Seconds

This is the window you have to capture your audience’s attention. Make it count. Ensure your brand is visible from the get-go. Be clear and concise with your message. 

2. Make Your Video Short but Sharp

Keep your video under 60 seconds. While that’s no easy task, a professional videographer will be able to help you get the most out of every precious second. 

3. Show How Your Product or Service Works

Your video should work just as well without sound. Add captions. Videos with close captions are watched on average 12% longer.

4. Think Mobile First

Most of your audience will be watching your video on their mobile device. Be sure the format of your video delivers the best experience. Vertical video ads get the most engagement on mobile. 

Small Business Videos that Work

Poll Ads

Interact directly with your customer by creating a video poll ad. Add a poll sticker to your video ad to gain insights into what your customers want. 

Product or Service Demonstrations

Your business video is an opportunity to connect with your customer and nurture your audience. Your video should show why your business or product is just what they need. Video can be incredibly effective in converting customers or closing the deal. 

This is your chance to show your product in action or to demonstrate your service and its real-life applications. 

A Cover Video for Your Facebook Business Page

Instead of a cover photo on your page, engage with your audience with a Facebook cover video. A beautifully shot business video is a great way to introduce your brand and people or show off your latest product offering.

With more than 1.25 billion people consuming video ads on Facebook every month, a well-thought-out and professionally produced business video ad has the potential to capture your audience and grow your business.