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Ventus Films is a best video production company in Denver that helps you create engaging interview videos and visually stunning customer testimonial videos.

Consumers move forward when they are confident in what to expect. As a business owner, it is up to you to clearly communicate that messaging. Three incredible ways to reach your market are testimonial videos, interviews with clients and staff, and how-to videos. Each of these possesses a unique approach to sharing an inside look at your brand.

Testimonial videos are a dynamic version of online reviews. They carry amazing weight in influencing a buyer’s decision making process. You can scream from the rooftops about how great your company is, but someone else taking the time to testify to it is perhaps the most valuable digital asset you can have.

Interview videos are similar, yet different. Interviews can be used to showcase your company culture, position specific expertise, and display a deeper level of industry knowledge. An interview with company ownership, management, and staff can give the consumer greater familiarity and comfort. Everyone loves to work with someone they know and like.

Lastly, a customer may hesitate on a purchase if they are unsure of the end-user experience or ease of operation. That is especially true with products. A how-to- video is the perfect way to both encourage use of your product or service and even serve as a powerful tool beyond the purchase.

Let the team at Ventus Films execute on one or all of these three educational videos. Our process is easy. We will learn about you and your product or service and create a clear, concise, and powerful video driving home your intended results of brand trust. Our team will help bring clarity to things that may not be clear via other methods of marketing.


Boost Conversions & Sales
Boost Conversions & Sales

Studies have shown that a video can improve the conversion rate of a company by 80%, which can lead to increased sales of a product or service.

Engagement with Consumers
Engagement with Consumers

Modern consumers wants to see the product or service in action. Videos capture a wider audience and lend credibility to your brand allowing you to outshine your competition.

Build Trust with Consumers
Build Trust with Consumers

Trust is the pillar of any company. When a consumer seeks information about your product or service, those who offer high-quality, informative video capture the attention you need to convert customers.

Explainer Video


Don’t leave consumers in the dark. You have what they need, but buyers go with whom they are comfortable.

When a potential customer watches a video of someone just like them singing your praises, they move forward. By watching an interview video of company leadership, staff, client, or person of influence, they get the inside scoop that makes all the difference. If they are unsure that they can properly use your product or service beyond the purchase, they may hold off. But, an effective how-to video can give them the confidence and generate a positive post-sale experience.

The Ventus team can help facilitate all of these positive responses with videos that properly position your business, product, or service. Let’s talk!




Our mission is to give high quality product and brand videos to our clients through simple and clean methods, with reasonable prices and customer service being our top priority to go over and above for the client.

A video can help you grow your business by telling your story and connecting with customer on a deeper level. Contact us today to get started.