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How to Use Video in Email Marketing - Ventus Films

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a loyal audience, increase
engagement, and generate repeat revenue. But there is a right way and many wrong ways to go
about email marketing. If you want to achieve the best results from your email marketing
campaigns, then there are a few things you’ll need to include, such as a valuable offer, a strong
call to action, and a professionally produced video.


Most companies have a good offer for their customers when they send out a marketing email,
and they almost always have a great call to action. But oftentimes, companies don’t leverage
the power of high-quality videos in their email marketing, which is a mistake. To be fair, many
businesses don’t know how to use video in their email marketing campaigns, and so in this
article, we will go over everything you need to know so that you can take your email blasts to
the next level.

Before we explain how to use video in your emails, let’s first go over a few of the reasons for why you should be using professional video content to enhance your email marketing campaigns in the first place, as many business owners don’t realize why this is so important.

Videos Increase Opens

Just by having the word video in your subject line, you can increase the odds of the recipient actually opening your email rather than just marking it as spam. People get bombarded by spam emails every day, and so by letting people know that you have some valuable video content for them, you can avoid the dreaded spam box and reach more people.

Videos Improve Click Rates

Having a high-quality video thumbnail can dramatically improve your click rates. Plus, by having a professional video in your email, you can build trust and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. The simple truth is that most companies don’t bother to include professional videos in their email marketing campaigns, and so by doing this, you can separate yourself from the crowd, and you’ll get way more clicks which will result in more sales.

Videos Enhance SEO

Getting traffic to your website is the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing of any kind. Having great blog content is an excellent way to attract visitors to your website, but without having video content in your emails, you’ll be missing out on a ton of free traffic. Videos allow you to include tags, descriptions, and alt-text, all of which improve your rank in search engines and increase the likelihood of your website being discovered by people on Google.

Videos Get Shared

Videos are by far the most shared form of media on the internet. So, if you take the time to work with a professional video production company and prepare valuable, entertaining video content, there’s a chance that your target audience will not only navigate to your website, but they might just share your video with family and friends which can result in free word-of-mouth traffic that you would otherwise be missing out on.

Videos Boost Revenue

At the end of the day, all marketing is about increasing your revenue, and the best way to do that is by including professional video content in your marketing campaigns. Customers are way more likely to make a purchase if they’ve seen a video promoting your products and services, which is why the biggest companies in the world use video ads to expand their reach and generate brand awareness. 

There are a few ways of using videos in your emails, and by doing things the right way, you’ll be able to make yourself look more professional, which will result in more conversions. So, let’s go over a few best practices to keep in mind when including video content with your marketing emails. 

Make Sure you Use a Video Thumbnail

By having a video thumbnail, you’ll immediately stand out from the sea of text-based email messages in your recipients’ inbox. This alone can increase the odds of your email getting opened. An added tip is to use an animated thumbnail, as this catches people’s attention right away. Just make sure that you compress the file size of the thumbnail; otherwise, you could encounter difficulties when sending out a large volume of emails.  

Add your Video Below the Email Copy

Another tip is to make sure that you always add your video below your email copy. If your recipient opens up the email and sees a video straight away, they will probably assume it’s spam email and discard it without reading your special offer. The trick is to hook them with a great offer and then give them some valuable video content to seal the deal.

Enable Captions on Your Videos

Many people open emails at work, and as such, they often have the sound off on their computers. Therefore, you should always include captions on your videos so that even if the sound is off, they will still receive the message of your video. 

Send Videos to your Sales Team

Also, be sure to send your videos to your sales team so that they can take advantage of this content when sending out their own emails to existing and prospective clients. By empowering your whole team with video content, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns


A great marketing email should have at the very minimum three things: a great offer, a persuasive call to action, and a high-quality video. However, be sure that you always work with a professional video production company when creating your video content, as the amateur video will send the wrong message and can have the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. That said, when you do include professional videos in your email messages, you’ll be able to increase your opens, improve your click rate, enhance your SEO rank, and ultimately increase your revenue.