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How Much Does a Business Video Cost?

Professional business videos are an asset for every company. By producing and sharing high-quality business video content, you can gain exposure for your brand, attract new customers, build a following on social media, and generate more revenue. But how much does a business video cost? Well, there are a few different things that affect the price of business video production services. 

In this guide, we will explain the main factors affecting the cost of professional business video production and offer a few tips on how to get the best deal without sacrificing quality. 

Understanding Business Video Production Pricing

Professional video production isn’t cheap. Producing high-quality video content requires expensive equipment and an entire crew. Most companies charge for each of these elements when producing videos for business clients. That means that when you hire a video production company, you can expect to pay for the following things: 

  • The amount of time it takes to shoot the video
  • The rental fees for any equipment needed throughout the shoot
  • Any wardrobe rentals, prop rentals, set design, and so on. 
  • Professional audio mixing and engineering
  • Professional video editing to produce the final product
  • Other miscellaneous fees that arise throughout the shoot
  • And possibly much more. 


Because each of these things is expensive, it should come as no surprise that a business or corporate video can cost upwards of $5,000-$15,000 per finished minute of video. That may sound high, and it is. But it’s worth remembering that professional business videos typically only run around a minute or two minutes, and some are only thirty seconds. When you consider the amount of time, skill, and labor involved, as well as the return on investment you can expect to get from a business video, the price is very reasonable. 

How to Save Money on Profession Business Video Production

As mentioned, most video production companies Denver charge for each of the items mentioned above individually, and as such, the final bill can amount to a lot of money. The best way to save money is to work with a company that includes everything for a flat fee. This means that if the day runs longer than expected, the editing process requires revisions or anything else comes up throughout the shoot, you’ll still only pay the agreed upon price. In other words, everything is included, and you’re paying for the finished video, not the elements that go into producing it. 

Ventus Films Can Help You Create a Professional Business Video

Ventus Films is one of the premier video production companies in Colorado, and they are one of the very few world-class video production teams that charge a flat fee. They have several packages to choose from so that you can get a finished 60-second business video for less than many other companies charge just for editing. In fact, with Ventus Films, you can actually get three business videos for less than $5000, and that includes everything described above. So, if you want to create a high-quality business or corporate video without breaking the bank, then be sure to contact Ventus Films today.