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With Ventus Films, you don't need video production skills or expensive equipment to have cinematic company videos.

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The Problem with Video Marketing and Production

With 84% of consumers purchasing a product after watching a branded video, it’s clear that video is one of the most prevailing marketing tools available.

A few problems prevent the average business owner from succeeding with it, though.

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    Video Production is Time Consuming

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    Technical Know-How is Required

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    You Need Expensive Equipment

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    You Need Video Production Software

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    Specialized Skills are Essential: Production, Editing, and Software

Let’s face it, creating a professional video is hard work. This leaves many businesses either settling for less than professional quality or entirely
left out of video marketing altogether.

The Video Solution for Small Businesses

Ventus Films is a video production company in Colorado specializing in producing brand marketing videos for small business owners. We’ve made the experience and hard work of creating professional videos affordable and accessible for businesses everywhere.

With our simple, flat-rate pricing structure, we’re able to take away any barriers between your business and successful video marketing.

How Flat-Rate Pricing Works

We specialize in producing videos for small businesses, so you can get high-quality videos without breaking the bank, without the hourly service charge. Instead, you only pay a flat fee per video no matter how long it takes us.

The fee includes everything from scripting to filming to editing. We want to make video marketing easy and accessible for all businesses so we don’t have complicated contracts or hidden fees.

And because we offer flat-rate pricing on every project, there won’t be any surprises or hidden fees when it comes time for billing. It’s one less item for you to worry about so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

Our Video Production Services

We realize that businesses have very different needs; therefore, we offer various video services.
Brand Videos

It's essential to create a strong brand presence in today's market. And video is the perfect way to do this. With brand videos from Ventus, you can show how your products and services help solve problems for customers like never before.

Engagement with Consumers
Social Media Videos

If you'd like to increase social media engagement and grow your customer base, then we can help. We can help you create social media videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to engage with customers and increase sales.

Explainer Videos

If your brand is new or you want to explain how your product or service works, we can help with that. Explainer videos are perfect for introducing new customers to your company while showing how you can solve their problems.

Testimonial Videos

We all know how significant word of mouth is for attracting new customers. These days, people are more likely than ever to trust the opinion of a brand influencer or happy customer over that of a brand itself.

That's why we believe it's essential to recognize how satisfied customers are with a brand. Testimonial videos can help grow your business faster than any other video production service available.

We can work with you to film real testimonials from your customers or staff so you can share the ways that people love your company.

How-To Videos

Are you struggling to show how your product or service works? Or do you want to be able to share it with customers in a variety of different ways? We can help by creating how-to videos for your business.

These how-to videos can cover how to use your product, how it works, or why your customers should get it.

Video Marketing is the Future!

We’re here to help your brand grow by creating an engaging, cinematic video that’ll capture and keep your customers coming back for more.
Our innovative video team will work with you every step of the way to create something extraordinary that will let people know who you are and what makes your business unique.

Let us handle all aspects of production from start to finish and take the hassle out of video marketing for you. You don’t have time or finances to waste on mediocre videos. We deliver value and an incredible final product.
Don’t skip the opportunity to connect with your customers through video marketing.

We look forward to creating powerful, professional brand videos that increase your ROI. Let’s get started today!

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