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Maximizing Video Ad Success on Social Media - Ventus Films

Video is the fastest-growing format on social media. Because it is the most engaging format across most social platforms, video marketing is one of the most powerful techniques to your brand noticed. Video is a highly effective way to inform your audiences and to also encourage interaction if you do it right. 

Over 50% of customers will engage with a brand after watching its social media video. But there is plenty of competition for impressions on social media. Follow these top ten tips to get your video content noticed and take your brand to the next level.  

1. Define Your Video Marketing Goal

Only once you know what the end goal of your video marketing is, can you start to plan your video marketing strategy. Having well-defined objectives helps with planning content and defining your video style as well as knowing which platforms to choose for your video ads. 

Be clear about why you are creating your videos and their purpose before you do anything else. 

2. Know Your Audience

Before you create anything, you need a clear picture of who your audience is, what platforms are they on, what kind of videos they prefer, and what they can gain from your business. Create customer profiles to help you with your video marketing strategy. 

Your profiles should include:

  • Personal demographics
  • Preferred social media platforms
  • Interests and likes
  • Needs and pain points
  • Preferred video format

3. Repurpose Existing Content for Video

You don’t need to start from scratch when creating video content. You likely already have a lot of small business marketing content you can draw from. With quality videography, you can turn a blog post into an explainer video. Repurpose a campaign ad into an effective promotional video. Turn the content on your website into a powerful corporate video series.  

4. Tailor Your Video to Suit the Platform

Your social media marketing likely includes multiple platforms from Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and YouTube. It may seem easier to post the same video content across all platforms, but it is far more effective to customize your video formats and content to suit each platform. YouTube is great for longer video content or how-to videos while TikTok and Instagram reels are best for shorter, catchier content. 

You will also need to size your videos for each platform’s specs to ensure you create the best experience for your audience. 

5. The First Few Seconds are the Most Important

Many videos auto-play on your audience’s social media feeds. The first few seconds of your video need to be compelling enough for them to keep watching. Put a highlight of your video at the start of your video or use these first seconds to make your audience curious. A good videographer will be able to create video content that draws the viewer in right from the start. 

6. Create Thumbnails That Grab Attention

You can create a thumbnail or cover for your social media video that grabs attention or stands out among all the other content on an audience’s feed. Thumbnails can be fun, intriguing, or inspiring by using images, graphics, and typography. 

7. Use Captions to Capture Your Audience

Want your audience to stop and watch your video? Add a catchy or intriguing caption to your social media videos. Captions can also get your audience to comment, share or watch to the end. Include a clear call to action in your captions. 

8. Add Subtitles

Video subtitles make your message accessible to all audiences, including the hearing-impaired and those who have the sound turned off on their feeds. Subtitles are easy to add and increase the engagement of your video content. 

9. The Quality of Your Video Counts

There is plenty of video content available on social media. You want your video to stand out. Quality videography is crucial in developing great first impressions and developing brand trust. 

10. Use Analytics to Track and Refine Your Video Content

Refine your video marketing by tracking your video performance. Knowing what works and what your audience likes, or doesn’t like, will help you grow your social media video marketing. Look for reach, reactions, and engagement levels. 


Social media video marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your small business marketing toolkit. Follow these tips and use a reputable videographer to reach the right audience and build your business.